At CapMarket, you will find investments in quality businesses that have gone through our due diligence process. We prefer investments backed by identifiable cash flows even if that means a slightly lower interest rate for investors. Prompt repayment of loans is important.

Key Benefits For Investors

Attractive Interest Rates

Earn up to 24% p.a. on your investments.

Transparent & Low Fees

CapMarket charges a low service fee of 15% on your interest earned while you get to enjoy the rest.

Easy Diversification

With typical minimum investment size of as low as $2,000, you can easily diversify investments across multiple loans to minimize your risk.

Short-term Investment

Investment tenors typically range from 3 to 9 months. Choose and transact your investments online conveniently at the click of your mouse.

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CapMarket Commits To Every Loan Deal

In CapMarket, we commit to every loan that we list on our platform as this translate a move that means stable return and increased confidence that the company will always put its best foot forward to generate returns for its investors.

Our team of risk assessors run through questions and clear our doubts with borrowers’ on their profile and financials to enable us to make better assessment, integrity and character of the borrower. 

We screen for deals in our best effort basis that satisfy our risk criteria to enable investors a peace of their mind to enjoy stable returns throughout the loan tenure. 

Transparency and trust are our core value to each and every of our valued investors and hence we take every effort to update our investors be it on loan monitoring, collection and even market condition as a whole.  


Sign Up As An Investor


Register as an investor and fill in our Risk Profile form to allow us to know you and your risk appetite better.

Start Funding Your Account

transfer funds

Transfer funds via FAST or other online banking methods to bank account withheld under Vistra. Notify us via email with a screenshot of the transferred funds. Once funds are sighted, your platform account will be updated accordingly.

Select, Invest And Earn


View and select active project listings for investing and earn attractive rates. Go through our comprehensive loan fact sheet and take charge of your investment.

Be Rewarded

be rewarded

View your personalized portfolio and returns online in a snapshot on your dashboard. Sit back and watch your portfolio grow while we do all the monitoring and administrative work for you.

Additional level of security

Your funds are independently held by Vistra Trust (Singapore) Pte Limited. Vistra is a licensed trust company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In this way, your investment with us will always be in good hands.

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