Long-Term Viable Financial Ecosystem

CapMarket is about building tomorrow’s financial ecosystem and evolve to be the one that serves rather than rules. We aim to enable and empower. 

We aim to deliver a financial ecosystem that gives both borrowers and investors a vested interest in achieving their long-term financial goals by building relationships that last. 


  • Minimum commitment of SGD 5,000
  • Options to choose your investment product
  • No investor onboarding fees
  • Gain control over your investment by minimizing risk through diversification
  • Auto Invest Scheme to allow investors to have the priority to invest in their desire type of project.


  • In-Principle-Approval (IPA) in a swift
  • Low interest rates that get lower with your prompt repayment record
  • SMEs with CapMarket likely to stay with Cap Market with approximately 99% return rate
  • Finance up to SGD 70k for unsecured lending and finance up to SGD 250k with collaterals.
  • Customized loan structure to meet your business need.

We At CapMarket Sees Your Business Needs

We know that running a business has never been easy and we want to know what works best for your business needs.Talk to us and find out how we can grow your business to the next level.

Get Your Essential Funds In A Breeze

Our unique online platform makes loan application hassle free and with the introduction of our instant In-Principle-Approval (IPA), you know where you are in a breeze.
We aim to promote a more conducive business environment which facilitates the growth of start-up companies and contributes to the development of a larger pool of SMEs.